Ready or Not

Ready or Not, PRETZELLE’s first-ever comeback single to welcome 2022. This time, they are back with their classic dance-pop sound with a modern twist that their fans are familiar with. Ready or Not tells a story of wanting to be more than just friends in a modern, retro-soul number. The exciting thing about this song is that it is the first song that one of the band members, Ice, wrote her impressive rap part.

PRETZELLE’s Ready or Not is produced and written by producer Benz Kakanat, who took two consecutive numbers 4 and 7 spots on Billboard’s Digital Sales chart with Mew Suppasit’s “Drowning” and “More and More.” He has also been behind some of the most popular Thai Rock Bands in modern history, POTATO, and has worked with many renowned Thai and International Artists. This lyric of this song was written by Ake Season Five, a prolific lyricist who wrote “Never Give Up” which appeared on PRETZELLE’s first EP as well as their latest B-Side track “Missin’ U.”

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