If you’re talking about PRETZELLE, besides their catchy songs and adorable members, many people still think of “Cover by PRETZELLE.” Thai translations of Korean Songs continuously create a “trending” phenomenon on Twitter in almost every release. Whether it’s an entire song such as “Say Yes” from the series “Moon Lover” or a medley such as “5 Songs from the Korean Series (Thai Version) by PRETZELLE Pt. 2,” they are still popular even though they were released in 2021.

“Everytime” one of the most iconic songs from the K-drama: “Descendent of the Sun,” was re-arranged by PRETZELLE’s beloved producer, Benz Kankanat, to be more intimate, fresh, and fitting to PRETZELLE’s vocal range. The lyrics were written by PRETZELLE’s team, responsible for all their translation hits. This guarantees that the new version will be just as good as the original, if not better!

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